NMC UK Update on Online English tests

Online Tests

  • IELTS Indicator 
    • NMC UK is aware that the British Council has designed an online IELTS indicator test as an interim measure while test centers are temporarily closed. After careful consideration, NMC UK has decided that they are not able to accept the IELTS indicator test at this time. This is because the security measures for the indicator test are not comparable to those in place for the face-to-face test and do not meet the standards we require for registration.

  • Online OET 
    • NMC UK understands that OET is also exploring an online language test. They are discussing with OET how this test might meet the requirements in our English language guidance, but while this discussion is ongoing NMC UK is not able to accept their online test at this time.

For the latest information, visit NMC UK Covid-19: Information for overseas candidates page.

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