Nurse Registration Process in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia It is the largest Gulf country. Saudi Commission For Health Specialities (SCFHS) Is responsible for evaluating and classifying all health-related degree holders before permitting them to practice in the
Kingdom. Every healt profesional including Nurses who likes to work in Saudi Arabia has to get registered under SCFHS.

Saudi Arabia is the only Gulf country where you can give the exam alter joining the work in Saudi Arabia,
provided you clear the exam within a year, with a maximum of three attempts. Failing to succeed within
these 3 attempts Will make you, not eligible to work in Saudi Arabia, In case you take in the first 2 attempts and
succeed in the final attempt. you need to succeed one more additional attempt within a year.

SCFHS partnered with Prometric. the reputable US. company. with great experience in computer-based
test (CBT) test delivery locally. regionally and internationally conducts the licensing exam tor Nurses.
This exam can be taken in all Prometric test centers across the world.

The Prometric Exam comprises 70 questions with 2 hours duration and you need a minimum at 60%
marks to pass the exam.

SCFHS provides the convenience of viewing the result and the number of answered the question immediately.