OET Speaking book for Nurses. 2018

OET Speaking book for Nurses

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OET Speaking for Nurses Book 2 includes information about the 2018 Updated OET Speaking Sub-test as well as role play dialogues with transcripts. Each section of the book highlights communication strategies which can be used in the dialogue. Contents Updated 2018 OET Speaking Information 1. Communication Focus: Encouraging the following of treatment Scenario: Child with Eczema 2. Communication Focus: Persuading Scenario: Newborn with Jaundice 3. Communication Focus: Gathering Information to assess Pain Scenario: Admission to A&E with Back Pain 4. Communication Focus: Giving Advice on Lifestyle Scenario: High Cholesterol 5. Communication Focus: Reassuring Scenario: diabetic foot injury
1. How long is the speaking sub-test?
2. How many parts are there in the speaking sub-test (for nurses)?
3. How much time do you spend for each part of the sub-test?
4. What happens in each part?
5. How many role plays are you going to do in the speaking sub-test?
6. How long does the role play take?
7. How much time again do you spend for the entire speaking sub-test?
8. Does the actor / interlocutor have a part in assessing your performance?
9. Do you have time to check that voice recorder works well?
10. Do you have time to ask the interlocutor some questions? When can you ask
11. How much time is given on reading the candidate card/role play card?

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