You are providing care to a permanently disabled Iraqi war veteran who is 28 years of age. When he returned home from the war at the age of 24 years of age 2 years ago he was deemed permanently disabled by both the Veterans Administration (VA) and the Social Security Administration. He receives a substantial monthly service connected disability check from the Veterans Administration and he has no spouse or legal dependents. Which type of governmental health insurance is he now entitled to?

  • A

    Only the VA health care services because he is not 65 years of age

  • B

    Medicare because he has been deemed permanently disabled for 2 years

  • C

    Medicaid because he is permanently disabled and not able to work

  • D

    Choices B and C

Correct Response: B

This client is legally eligible for Medicare because he has been deemed permanently disabled for more than 2 years in addition to the VA health care services. People over the age of 65 and those who are permanently disabled for at least two years, according to the Social Security Administration, are eligible for Medicare.

Based on the information in this scenario, the client is not eligible for Medicaid because has a “substantial” VA disability check on a monthly basis and is not indigent and with a low income.