You are serving as the supervisory nurse for a home healthcare agency in the community. You are doing an admission assessment for a 76 year old male client who resides with his elderly wife. Which of the following assessments would indicate that the couple needs some education relating to home safety?

  • A

    The client has refrigerated foods labelled with an expiration date.

  • B

    You assess that the home is free of scatter rugs that many use to protect the feet against hard floors.

  • C

    The client uses the FIFO method for insuring food safety.

  • D

    The client assures you that the smoke alarm batteries are replaced annually to insure that they work.

Correct Response: D

When the client assures the nurse that they replace their smoke alarm batteries annually to insure that they work, the assessing nurse should immediately know that the client is in need of education relating to the fact that smoke alarm batteries should be changed at least twice a year.

The client has demonstrated that they are knowledgeable about food safety and environmental safety because they have expiration dates on refrigerated foods, they use the FIFO method for food safety and they do not use scatter rugs which can lead to falls.

The FIFO rule is First In is First Out. In other words, the first foods in the pantry or refrigerator are the first foods that should be consumed or discarded.