Place the phases or stages of the inflammatory response in the correct sequential order, do NOT include any phases that is NOT part of the inflammatory process.

  1. The vascular phase
  2. The prodromal phase
  3. The incubation phase
  4. The initial injury
  5. The exudate phase
  6. The convalescence phase
  • A


  • B


  • C


  • D


Correct Response: B

The stages of the inflammatory process in correct sequential order are:

  • The initial tissue injury which can result from an infection or a traumatic cause
  • The vascular response. The release of histamine, prostaglandins and kinins. These substances lead to vasodilation which increases the necessary blood supply to the injured tissue and the area surrounding
  • The exudate response. The release of leukocytes, including macrophages and neutrophils, to the injured area to combat the infection.

The signs of infection such as the incubation, prodromal and convalescence stages, in the correct sequential order are:

  • The incubation period
  • The prodromal phase
  • The illness stage
  • The convalescence stage