Registered nurses care for clients in many settings and environments. These clients can be individual clients, couples, families, populations and communities. You have decided to use the Dimensions Model of Health model to assess, monitor and evaluate the health status of the community. Which of these dimensions is NOT an element of this Dimensions Model of Health model?

  • A

    The Biophysical Dimension

  • B

    The Psychological and Emotional Dimension

  • C

    The Spiritual Dimension

  • D

    The Health Systems Dimension

Correct Response: C

The Dimensions Model of Health includes six dimensions that impact on the client, including the community. The Spiritual Dimension is not one of these six dimensions.

These dimensions are the:

Biophysical Dimension
Psychological and Emotional Dimension
Health Systems Dimension
Behavioral Dimension
Socio-Cultural Dimension
Physical Environment Dimension