You are fully aware of the fact that some risk factors are correctable or modifiable and other risk factors are innate and not modifiable. Which of the following risk factors is the most likely able to be correctable?

  • A

    Genetic predisposition

  • B

    Lifestyle choices

  • C

    High-risk behaviors

  • D

    An external locus of control

Correct Response: B

Life style choices are the risk factors that are most likely able to be corrected. Poor life style choices place a person at risk and they are often considered also risky behaviors.

As discussed before, some risks are preventable and correctable and others are not. For example, genetics, age and gender are NOT modifiable risks, but the risks associated with life style choices are modifiable, correctable and able to be eliminated when the person changes their behavior in reference to these risky behaviors.

Some risky life style choices include:

Excessive sun exposure
The lack of regular exercise
A poor diet
Cigarette smoking and the use of other tobacco products
Alcohol use
Illicit drug use
Unprotected sex
Avocational and hobby choices such as rock climbing
Inadequate sleep and rest
Genetic predisposition is an innate and not correctable risk factor and an external locus of control can lead to poor life style choices, however, this is not the most likely correctable risk factor.