The sense of hearing is assessed using which standardized test?

  • A

    The Taylor test

  • B

    The Rinne test

  • C

    The Babinski test

  • D

    The APGAR test

Correct Response: B

The sense of hearing is assessed using the Rinne test and the Weber test and a tuning fork.

A Taylor hammer, not a Taylor test, is used to check reflexes like the biceps and triceps reflexes; the Babinski sign occurs when the foot goes into dorsiflexion and the great toe curls up; this sign is an abnormal response to this stimulation and it can indicate the presence of deep vein thrombosis. And lastly, the APGAR test is used to assess the neonate immediately after birth in terms of the infant’s appearance, grimace and reflexes, appearance in terms of skin color, and respiratory rate and effort.