Causes of diarrhoea in Clostridium Difficile are:

  • Ulcerative colitis – Ulcerative Colitis is a condition that causes inflammation and ulceration of the inner lining of the rectum and colon

  • Hashimotos disease – Hashimoto’s disease, also called chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis or autoimmune thyroiditis, is an autoimmune disease

  • Pseudomembranous colitis -pseudomembranous colitis (PMC) is an acute, exudative colitis usually caused by Clostridium difficile. PMC can rarely be caused by other bacteria,

  • Crohn’s disease – Crohn’s Disease is one of the two main forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease, so may also be called ‘IBD’. The other main form of IBD is a condition known as Ulcerative Colitis