A patient in your care knocks their head on the bedside locker when reaching down to pick up something they have dropped. What do you do?

  • Help the patient to a safe comfortable position, commence neurological observations & ask the patient’s doctor to come & review them, checking the injury isn’t serious, when this taken place, write up what happened & any future care in the nursing notes

  • Discuss the incident with the nurse in charge & contact your union representative in case you get into trouble

  • Help the patient to a safe comfortable position, take a set of observations & report the incident to the nurse in charge who may call a doctor. Complete an incident form.  At an appropriate time, discuss the incident with the patient & if they wish, their relatives

  • Let the patient’s relatives know so that they don’t make a complaint & write an incident report for your self so you remember the details in case there are problems in the future