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Everyone thinks nursing school is hard. But no one really knows how hard it is except for those who are going through it, the nursing students. Nursing school can be quite draining due to the academic stress, the large number of courses you have to cover in so little time, the seemingly unending exams you have to take before becoming certified, the sleepless nights and restless days when you start wondering if it’s all really worth it.

But never mind that little voice, it’s all going to be worth it, and this article is going to show you ways on how to make your nursing school a bit fun and enjoyable. With the use of technology. Asides from dogs, technology should be man’s best friend. Why? Because it makes life easier and more bearable for us.

You might be wondering what this technology is, the one that would help you in nursing school. Well. They are tablets.

Tablets are mini computers and larger than mobile phones and they can be of so much help to you in your quest of trying to conquer nursing school life. You’re probably wondering why you need one. Well, these are some of the reasons;

Why you should use tablets in nursing schools

It helps you save time and be more productive

This is because your tablets can be used for different activities at the same time. In class, need to take down notes? You can whip out your tablet, go to the notepad section and input your notes. Or, if you are feeling too tired and can’t take down any notes, you can switch to the voice recorder and record your lecture, this way you can listen to it later on and not miss out on any part of the lecture. The bookmark feature is also available to help you save/take note of important parts of your lectures.

It could serve as your digital assistant and phone.

In cases where you need to wake up early or need a reminder for certain events/classes, your tablets can be used to set alarms or a daily schedule. This would help make your work easier and your life, more organized. Super stressed and need help de-stressing? You can download meditation apps on your tab and let them help you relax.

It helps you get access to information and store information

Get information at your fingertips. Tablets help you to put down information accurately and in much little time too. During your clinical, it helps make your work easier because it can be used to access patient’s information, and also update the patients’ information where necessary. It helps you know the patient’s history, when and where to administer drugs or if the patient is due to be discharged. It also makes submission of assignments, sharing of information easier since it could be done by mail or whatever medium your superiors require.

There are different types of tablets available and making a choice might be quite confusing. That is why this article was collated, to show you 5 wonderful tablets; their specifications, and the reasons you might want to order for one or pick one up the next time you visit the store.

List Of Top 5 Best Tablet For Nursing School

#1. The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

This tablet has a 10.3” screen size which provides a large and clear display. An Android 9 Pie Operating System and its processor, a Qualcomm Snapdog Octa-core processor make its performance very fast and seamless. The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus speakers have Dolby Atmos, which makes whatever sound produced clear and appealing to the ears.

Worried that the tablet might be looking archaic and unfashionable? Its body has a full metal cover which is very thin and also makes the screen display large.

The Lenovo Tab M10 Plus has a memory of up to 2GB and storage of up to 32GB, this tablet can store up a lot of notes, course materials, textbooks, and even pictures. Its battery can last for up to 7 or 8 hours depending on how it is used.

Pros Cons
It has face recognition

It has an expandable card slot of up to 256GB

It has eye protection

It has Google assistant to aid hand-free use.


It does not come with a case

Its RAM cannot be upgraded

It does not accept SIM cards.

#2. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has a super AMOLED display with an 8-inch screen which makes it easy for you to watch your favourite programs or read up your books/ assignments. It has a battery that can last for as long as 13 hours after a full charge.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has a built-in memory of up to 64GB and expandable storage of up to 512GB with the use of a Micro SD card. Its S-pen makes navigation easier.

Pros Cons
It uses a micro USB

It has an expandable SD card

It has a large internal storage

It has a long-lasting battery

It can be used on Wi-Fi

It has an S-pen

It does not accept SIM cards

It cannot be used on cellular networks

It can be quite slow.

#3. Android 10.0 Tablets, Vasking Kingpad SA10

The Android 10.0 Tablets, Vasking Kingpad SA10 has an Android 10 Operating System. It has a 1.6GHz octa-core processor which makes multitasking easier. It has 3GB RAM and storage of 32GB which can be expandable to 128GB. Its 10 inches blue light filter screen makes it easier to enjoy your favourite shows or online tutorials/classes.

The Android 10.0 Tablets, Vasking Kingpad SA10 has an extra slim body which makes it easy to be carried around or used. With very good battery life, this tablet can last you up to 12 hours after a full charge.

So, take your classes, tests, tutorials, and even read on the go! Its 13MP back camera and 5MP front camera helps you take lovely pictures and document long-lasting memories.

Pros Cons
Its screen has eye protection

Apps can be downloaded easily

It has a USB Type C port

It has 5G Wi-Fi

It also supports audio

It can only be connected to a Bluetooth keyboard

It does not accept SIM cards

It has no HDMI port.

#4. The Fire HD 10

The Fire HD 10 tablet has a 10.1” Full High Definition display. This can help you enjoy full-screen movies, online classes/tutorials, and even games to unwind. It is quite fast and responsive due to its powerful Quad Core Processor; two 1.8 GHz and two 1.4 GHz cores that run at the same time. This allows applications to launch quickly and enables wonderful app usage.

It has a battery which can last for up to 10 hours of activity. The Fire HD 10 camera has a 2MP back camera and a front VGA camera which can be used to take online classes, lectures, meetings, and even video calls with your family and friends.

Enjoy giving your tablet simple command without having to touch it. Alexa helps you to carry out simple messages like reading the news, setting alarms, ordering items online, streaming songs, and a whole lot more.

Pros Cons
It has unlimited cloud storage

It grants you access to Amazon prime

It has a free 30 day trial for Amazon Prime.

Its Google play store doesn’t come pre-installed.

#5. The Apple IPAD PRO

The Apple IPAD PRO has a 12.9-inch liquid retinal screen display. This makes whatever activity that is being carried out clearer and sharper. The tablet has 6GB RAM and different sizes of internal storage ranging from 128GB to 1TB, which makes it possible for you to store a large number of files.

It has a (4×2.5 GHz Vortex + 4x 1.6 GHz Tempest) Octa-core processor which makes activities carried out fast. It has a Quad-LED dual-tone flash with a 12 MP back camera and 7MP front camera with face detection, HDR mode, and even Panorama; this provides you with high-quality pictures and videos.

The Apple IPAD PRO has a non-removable battery of Li-Po 9721 mAh which charges fast and lasts long depending on its usage. The tablet has 4 stereo speakers so you can rest assured of the sound quality of your videos or recordings.

Pros Cons
It is compatible with 4G network

It supports SIM cards

Its operating system can be upgraded

It can be used with Magic/ Smart keyboards.

It has a large internal memory

It has no memory card slot

It has no radio

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