5 Steps for How to become a nurse in Belgium

How to become a nurse in Belgium

If you have studied Nursing and eager to work in Belgium as a nurse then this article How to become a nurse in Belgium is for you. Here you will find information on how to become a registered nurse in Belgium, where to apply for a council registration, and getting a visa as a nurse. So, let’s get started with the basic requirements needed.

Apply for recognition as a Nurse in Belgium

For a basic Nurse registration, you will need bellow mentioned documents or evidence to be able to register as a nurse in Belgium.

  • Minimum of Diploma in Nursing.
  • At least B2 level of Dutch / French / German knowledge.
  • Minimum of 900Hrs Clinical Training which corresponds to 60ECTS credits
  • And, theoretical and practical part each comprises at least 450 hours, which corresponds to 30 ECTS credits.

After you have all the required documents, apply for your recognition Apply for recognition at NARIC or another body

Getting Visa as a Nurse

Application for admission to exercise a healthcare profession in Belgium – non-European practitioners, holder of a non-European qualification.

Application for admission

In the application of article 145 of the law of 10 May 2015 on the exercise of the health care professions must be non-European practitioners whose foreign diploma was declared equivalent by NARIC Center (http://www.naric.be), one dated, signed and submit a motivated application to exercise their profession to the Minister of Health.

Documents of the Nurse Visa application:

  1. Completed and signed Application Form.
  2. A nationality card, identity card, passport, or other proof of identity.
  3. A copy of your diplomas, certificates, and/or titles.
  4. A copy of the equivalence of your diploma, issued by the authorized Council.
  5. A copy of the registration or recognition for your profession,
  6. An extract from your criminal record, not older than 3 months.
  7. A certificate of good professional conduct, not older than three months
    1. issued by the competent authority of the country of origin (Order, Ministry of Public Health Service.
    2. which shows that you have the right to practice and that you have not been suspended or has been disqualified or not banned from practicing your profession;
    3. a certificate from the employer is not sufficient.
  8. Proof of knowledge of Dutch / French / German.
  9. A motivation letter.
  10. A curriculum vitae.

It is not recommended to send original documents; if necessary, the Federal Public Service Health will contact you.

Submitting the application:

The documents can be sent to the FPS Public Health by email via [email protected].

You can also deliver them by post to the following address:

FPS Health, Food Chain Safety, and Environment,

General Directorate of Health Care

Health Professions and Professional Practice Service,

Euro station II

Victor Hortaplein 40 box 10

B-1060 Brussels

Procedure after submission:

  1. Upon receipt of the required documents, your application will be submitted to the Federal Advisory Board of the profession concerned.
  2. After advice, the application will be submitted to the Minister of Health, who will issue a will make a decision. If the decision is positive, a royal decree will authorize you your profession will be submitted to the King and this will be sent to you once signed.
  3. At the same time, you will also be issued a visa. You need this document to complete your to be able to exercise a profession.
  4. In addition, doctors and pharmacists must register with the Order of their profession to legally allowed to exercise.
  5. The recognition of any specialty is within the competence of the Communities; a specific application must be submitted to the competent service.

Hope you like our artical on How to become a nurse in belgium.

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