Becoming nurse in Dubai

Welcome to the leading online resource centre for Nursing in Dubai. If you’re considering an exciting move to further your career in nursing by moving to Dubai then you’ve landed on the right page!

Dubai is a booming metropolis with a huge demand for a professional, hard-working nurse such as yourself. The rapid growth of Dubai may be over, but the expansion of the city has left room for health care professionals to move in and really make a difference to an exciting new city and its population.

If you’re sick of working in your current job with too little pay, too few benefits and no prospects then a change to a nursing job in Dubai may be exactly what you need.

Nurses expected salary in Dubai

The average salary expected for a nurse in Dubai is estimated to be between 2,500-10,000 UAD which equates to approximately ₹50,000-2,00,000, $800-2500, £450-1600 or €525-2000.

The beginning salary for a nurse in Dubai is dependent on qualification and position as well as whether the hospital is funded privately or by the government. A huge advantage of nursing in Dubai, however, is that your income will be tax-free. Furthermore many nursing jobs in Dubai come with a wide range of benefits including insurance, accommodation allowance and travel expenses.

This is true of any nursing position worldwide, and wages much higher than this can be expected if you are hired for a nursing position within a company or for a private family.

Your recruitment agency or employer will have more details on your expected salary should you inquire.

Documents Required for Nurse in Dubai

Bellow is the Information for nurses and midwives and would like to register as a nurse to work and settle in the Dubai

See below list f documents required for … Read Full Article.

How to Apply for DHA

This is a complete guide about dha nursing license application process and dha exam for nurses requirements.

Dubai is the most populous city (about 2.1million and projected to rise Read More…….

Application Processing Time

DHA aim to process the application within 60 – 90 days, once we have received all required documents.

although the whole process can take between 3-6 Months for getting ready documents to DHA eligibility letter.

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