Becoming nurse in the UK for foreigners

As a registered nurse in your country, you can enjoy a diverse and rewarding career in Nursing in the UK and Really make a difference. we have set a guide to be a registered as a nurse in the UK and how to prosses your application from your home country.
below you will find how to register in NMC, what documents needed, Processing time, fees and visa requirement and so on.

Nurses required in the UK and expected salary

Nurses trained outside the UK and EEA. They can apply to be on the NMC Register, providing they meet its standards. The NMC will compare the training in your country with that required in the UK. Registration with the NMC does not….. Read full Article. 

How and Where to Do UK Nurse Registration?

Bellow is the Information for nurses and midwives who trained outside the EU or EEA and would like to register as a nurse to work in the UK

If you have studied and trained outside…. Read Full Article.

Registering as a nurse or midwife in the UK

Information for applicants trained outside the European Union or European Economic Area

Anyone wanting to work in the UK as a nurse must register with the Read Full Article…..

IELTS Requirement for registration

Information for Language requirements for UK Nurse

When you apply to register with us we need to be satisfied you have the necessary knowledge of English to communicate¬†¬†Read Full Article…..

NMC Application processing Time

NMC Application process timelines

Once the applicant has passed the NMC self-assessment eligibility stage, they have up to six months to successfully complete the first part of the test of  Read Full Article…..

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