Top Countries for Nurses to Work and Live in 2022

Top Countries for Nurses

Top Countries for Nurses to Work and Live

Registered nurses (RNs) can work in a wide variety of places. Nursing is an emotionally fulfilling and personally rewarding career, with excellent job prospects, a wide range of areas to specialize in, and strong salaries. Graduates of nursing school enjoy high starting salaries in comparison to their peers in other industries because nurses are in higher demand in Top Countries for Nurses than ever before.

If you are dreaming about where you should work and settle as a nurse then here is the list of  Top Countries for Nurses to Work and Live in no particular order or number that will pay you more and you will have a better future growth as a Nurse.


For nurses in the UK, life is good once you reach higher levels. Nurses in entry-level positions start out earning around the US $30,000 per year, but that can increase to as much as $43,000 per year once they obtain experience. To become a nurse in the UK, you must obtain a degree in pre-registration nursing, register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and complete an assessment. Click to see how to apply for UK Nurse


The average pay for a Registered Nurse (RN) in Dubai is AED 83,399 per year (US$ 24,000 Approx). Most people with this job move on to other positions after 20 years in this field. Experience strongly influences income for this job. The skills that increase pay for this job the most are Labor & Delivery, Birthing, and Acute Care. Click to see how to apply for Dubai Nures?


Nursing in Ireland provides plenty of opportunity and variety for your nursing career. Nurses are in high demand because of their ability to complete many primary care services. The average pay for a Registered Nurse (RN) in Dublin, Dublin is €30,540 per year (US$ 34,000 Approx). While Ireland’s health care system is modern and reasonably efficient, there is no doubt that change is needed to improve patient facilities, reduce waiting lists and develop better working conditions for medical staff, especially nurses. Click to see How to Apply for a Nurse in Ireland?


Canada is well-known for its generous universal healthcare system; something that isn’t as well known is the fact that they compensate their nurses extremely well. Canadian nurses have some of the best salaries in the world, ranging between $48.000 and $55.000; they can earn an incredible $65.000 depending on experience and specialization. You will also need to obtain a work visa if you are not a citizen. Click to see how to Apply for Canada Nurse?


In the US, a registered nurse’s salary is well above the average income. An RN will earn around $67,490 per year. The lowest nurse’s income is around $45,000, while the top 10% of nurses pull in over $94,000 per year. Nurses in California received the best salary, particularly those in the San Francisco and San Jose area. The American Nurses Association has more information on how to become a licensed nurse in the US. Click to see how to apply for USA Nurse?

New Zealand

New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean, is comprised of two islands and neighbors Australia. It has a high quality of life, and this is reflected in their average salary which floats around $35.000 per year for private-sector employees. Nursing in New Zealand comes with a competitive starting salary of $32.000, with salaries reaching $47.000 with experience. Click to see how to apply for New Zealand Nurse?


The average entry-level nurse in Australia starts out earning just $28 per hour (or $40 Australian dollars). However, as their experience increases, their salary increases along with it. Salaries can be as high as $60,000 per year for nurses with more than ten years of experience working in the best hospitals. To work as a nurse in Australia, you must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, meet the registration standards, and complete a skills assessment test. Click to see How to apply for Australia Nurse? 


Belgium is a small country in Western Europe; it is known for its capital of Brussels which is the unofficial capital of the European Union. Although it ranks at the bottom of this list of nurse salarieshealth care professionals in the heart of the EU still make a respectable amount of money. Starting salaries range around $27.000 and can reach $50.500. Click to see How to Become a Nurse in Belgium. 


Luxembourg is a tiny country in Western Europe, nestled between Belgium, Germany, and France. Known primarily for being a tax haven, it is also one of the smallest sovereign nations on the continent. Fortunately both its economy and the salary it pays nursing professionals aren’t comparable to its size. Nurse’s salaries in Luxembourg in the first eight years of their career are roughly $60.000 and can get as high as $125.000 with enough experience. Sadly, the tiny size of the country also means getting a job there is extremely difficult. See article on Dominant Guide to become a nurse in Luxemburg as a foreign Nurse.


Recently, knocking their Scandinavian neighbour Sweden out of the top 10 is the beautiful oil-rich land of the Fjords, Norway. It enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world, and nursing is no exception. The average salary for a Registered Nurse in Norway is roughly $50,000 but can rise as high as $100,000 per year for the best-paid nurses with the most experience.


This South American country inhabits most of the continent’s eastern coast and is known for its relatively high quality of life compared to other South American countries. Nursing in Chile can be a very lucrative career with entry-level nurses earning $28.000 and an average salary that reaches $47.000. Registered nurses with experience can make up to $62.000. These figures are even more impressive when you consider the average annual salary in capital Santiago is a mere $10.000 per annum.

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