Documents Required for Malta Nurse Registration

These guidelines explain the Documents requirements of registration of nurses domiciled in non-Member States with the Council for Nurses and Midwives (NCM) of Malta, as First Level Nurses in terms of Chapter 464 of the Laws of Malta.

  1. Application form. Download a Form (Only for Nurse).
  2. Transcript of studies showing the number of hours of theoretical training and clinical practice. (Applications from applicants with at least 4600 hours in theory and practice in nursing subjects of which at least 1/3 (1533 hours) should be in theoretical practice in nursing studies and at least ½ (2300 hours) should be in clinical practice. However, it is always up to the Council members to decide if a candidate is eligible or not).
  3. Birth certificate. (In English)
  4. Professional Certificates / Diplomas /Degree
  5. IELTS Certificate average score of at least 6 or OET with a score of at least B in speaking and C+ in reading, writing, and listening.
  6. Passport document
  7. Euro pass Curriculum Vitae in English. Create your CV.
  8. Recent Police conduct certificate (date must be not more than 3 months of the date of application)
  9. Reference letter/experience certificates.
  10. Verification certificate. (Registration certificate and Good Standing status certificate from Nursing Council of the country where applicants are registered) (Good standing certificate is the confirmation that registration is valid, a certificate must not be older than 6 months of the date of application).
  11. MQRIC Recognition Letter (must be level 5 or 6). Apply for MQRIC.
  12. Proof of Payment to the Council for Nurses and Midwives. (Copy of cheque of €192.50 No applications will be accepted without the relative registration fee. Payments may be effected either through a bank transfer in favor of the Council for Nurses and Midwives Bank Transfers should be forwarded to: Bank Name: Central Bank of Malta Account Number: 40001EURCMG5001H IBAN: MT55MALT011000040001EURCMG5001H BIC: MALTMTMTApplicants have to send the bank statement showing that the transfer was successful and if possible the receipt of payment. Any bank charges or any other charges are to be incurred by the applicant. Receipts are only valid for three months as shown on the date of the receipt or bank statement.  If three months from this date have elapsed, applicants have to effect payment again. Registration fees are invariably not refundable.

    Application for registration fee: – €192.50

    Other fees:-Adaptation course fee: – €400.00

    Verification certificate:-€13.20)

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