How to prepare for OET?

All you need to know about how to prepare for OET? in four steps


We think before the test they’ve got to be organized they’ve got to allocate their time carefully they’ve got to think about the time they have available for dedicating to study particularly they’ve got other competing requirements on their time might be working they might be studying it might be doing it in a matter family took after so the organization of time being organized. we think is the key

Don’t leave it too late

we think another feature is giving yourselves adequate preparation time now don’t leave it too late we all know apocryphal stories of people who you know have enrolled for an exam and then suddenly they realize they’ve got a month to go and they haven’t done the work they haven’t prepared themselves so we think you know getting ready in time and that’s before the exam.

also, before the exam you’ve got to prepare yourself you’ve got to know about the exam you’re going to take you’ve got to understand the exam now that doesn’t just mean doing endless passed papers that are not necessarily going to improve your English.

Understand the exam format

of course, it’s important to understand the exam format to know the kind of item types that are coming up there kind of timing of the exam and what its tricks Potts expected of you in the exam but an endless diet of practice papers is not going to do the job.

what you’ve got to do I think to look around enroll in an appropriate course or use official or approved OET preparation materials and what you can then do is use that material to help you learn the language a good test and oet is a good example of this a good test is not just passing is not just hurdling it’s not just getting over a barrier so, preparing for a test like OET actually makes you learn the language you’re going to need in in the healthcare workplace so there’s that there are two byproducts of this one is you get competent in the language used in the workplace and that will help you, in turn, pass the exam which tests those skills


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