30 Hilarious Nurse Pick Up Lines to Add Some Flirt to Your Shift

Nurse Pick Up Lines

It’s always important to be respectful and considerate when attempting to flirt with someone, especially in a professional setting like a hospital or medical facility. Keeping these in mind,

Here are some playful and humorous Nurse Pick Up Lines:

“I may not be a doctor, but I definitely have a remedy for your broken heart.”

This line can be used if you want to flirt with a patient’ Just tell this, and it will make him smile. Maybe he will feel much better.

“You’re like a defibrillator. You make my heart skip a beat.”

Defibrillators are devices that send pulses to make the heartbeat, so this may be a technical sweet line if you want to flirt with your coworker.

“If you are feeling a little feverish, I can check your temperature with a smile.”

This line will definitely lift up the patient’s mood. Just smile along with telling this line.

“I may not be a patient, but I definitely need some CPR because you take my breath away.”

You can use this line on your doctor or coworker, and suddenly they will blush.

“I think I’m suffering from a case of love at first sight, and you’re the perfect doctor to help me get over it.”

Tell this to the doctor who works with you, and we are sure that this will help him forget the work pressure for a few moments.

“Let me take your heart because I am a nurse and will take care of your heart all the time.”

This line can be used on anyone working with you or any of the patients. As you are a nurse so, caring is your job, so this line will be perfect.

“I’m no doctor, but I know that you’re the cure for my loneliness.”

Tell this line to anyone, and they will surely smile upon hearing that 

“I wonder if I will soon become a patient because every time I see you, my heart rate goes through the roof.”

Tell this to your doctor and see the reaction. Even if you are not a patient, you can just tell this line as a phrase. 

“Can I take your temperature? Because you’re looking hot today.”

This line can make anyone’s day, praising them along with some flirting.

“Hey! I am a nurse. Let me give you a shot of love.”

Tell this to a patient as you are also deployed to give shots. Tell them that you want to give a shot of love. 

“You may not be sick! But let me give you a check-up. Take my number for further assistance.”

If you want to give your number to someone you like, this is the best pick-up line 

“Are you a patient? because I can’t resist the urge to take care of you.”

This line can work on anyone. As you take care of your patients, no one can resist this line of flirting.

“I think I need some medical attention because every time I see you, I feel weak in the knees.”

You can flirt with your coworkers or doctor with these lines.

“You’re like a band-aid. You make everything better.”

How sweet this line is, a small band-aid’s importance in love.

“I think I need some first aid because I just fell for you.”

You can tell these lines to your co-staff or the doctor as they give first aid, so this is the perfect flirting line.

“You must be the pulse counter because you just gave me heart palpitations.”

Seeing the pulse counter makes some people’s hearts beat faster, so giving the example of this, you can flirt easily.

“Can you check my pulse? I think I just fell in love with you.”

This line can be used with the hospital staff. As they are familiar with pulse checking, you can flirt with this line.

“Do you need a stethoscope to listen to my heart, or can you hear it beating for you?”

This line suits perfectly to flirt with the doctor as you assist the doctor, so you make this line flirtatious.

“Are you an ornithologist? Because you have the power to heal my broken heart.”

As ornithologists help in dealing with broken bones so this is the perfect line to flirt with them.

“Can you take my temperature? I think I have a fever of love for you.”

This will add a smile to any co-staff’s face with whom you will flirt.

“Can you show me how to take care of my heart? Because I think it belongs to you.”

This line can be used on cardiologists working with you.

“Can you give me a prescription for your love, doctor? I think it’s just what I need.”

This line can be used by doctors. They have become bored after giving the prescription of medicines, so just ask for the prescription of love.

“Are you a doctor? Because every time I see you, I feel better instantly.”

Tell this to the doctors. They are doctors and make everyone feel better, but adding this line can make them smile.

“Can you check my chart? Because I think I need a dose of your love.”

Use this line with the doctor. They see people’s charts and prescribe doses, so why not ask for a dose of love and make them smile on a hectic day with a sweet flirt?

“Can you teach me how to take care of my heart? I think you’re the expert.”

Tell this to a cardiologist, as they are experts in this.

“Are you a doctor? Because you have a way of making me feel alive.”

As doctors make everyone feel alive with their positive approach, just tell this line to a doctor and flirt sweetly.

“Don’t worry. Your heart is in good hands. It will not be broken”.

Tell this to a patient when you want to flirt with them. This will make them smile if they are sad because of their illness.

“Your smile brightens up the room, as it has brightened my life.”

Tell this to a patient; this line will encourage him to smile and recover fast.

“As the medicines make your better health, let me make your life better.”

This line can be used on a patient and see how they respond.

” Your sense of humour is fantastic. Will you make me smile like this for my whole life?”

Tell this to anyone with you, whether they are a patient, co-staff, or doctor; it will surely work.

Flirting or Nurse Pick Up Lines is good, but it should be within limits, and as a nurse’s job is a highly reputed job, keep that in mind and flirt cautiously at your workplace. It is important to maintain a respectful and caring relationship with your patients, and any behaviour that may compromise this relationship should be avoided. Focus on providing the best possible care for your patients and building a professional rapport based on trust and respect. Also, keep in mind that the line of respect should not be crossed while you are flirting with doctors or co-staffs.

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