4 tips of passing NCLEX | a proven strategy for how to successfully pass the nclex


tips of passing NCLEX

Hello Nurses in this article we going to give you the 4 tips for passing NCLEX so you graduated a nursing school that’s awesome don’t celebrate too much yet you still got to pass your NCLEX and that’s what’s going to give you the license to practice.

congratulations you did it! You passed nursing school but there is more now you got to pass the NCLEX!

you can’t care for patients just with a degree you need that license first so we are going to go over 4 tips for passing NCLEX that helped you past the NCLEX

Stay focused

We know after nursing school you’re going to want to celebrate but it’s important to stay focused and not to lose focus because you got it to pass your NCLEX so you can get your license to help patients so you can get a job and that’s what you went to nursing school for any way to care for people to get a job in nursing and you have to pass your NCLEX to be able to do that so always stay focused keep your eye on the price.

Don’t wait too long

when it’s time for you to schedule an NCLEX date go ahead and do it and don’t schedule it way far out make sure you do it as soon as possible because really this is when you still have all the knowledge and in your head so if you wait really really long especially if you’re an anxious person. it would psych yourself out about it and then you would end up just not taking it. so you make sure when the time comes to schedule your NCLEX.

So do it as soon as possible so get a date set your mind on taking the NCLEX on that date and when you have a date set you’ll be able to say goals for yourself.

what you want to study when you want to study it leading up to the exam because if you don’t schedule a date it’s kind of like oh yeah I need to take the NCLEX I haven’t scheduled it yet right but if you set a hard date that will enable you and allows you to set goals!! short term goals that you want to study each week and in your long term goal of passing the NCLEX.

Practice and study

Most of the nurses used before are NCSBN they are actually creators of the NCLEX so they have a huge study bank of questions and even before I graduated nursing school I was practicing questions each and every day and a highly recommend you just practice a bunch of questions leading up to the exam

and what you’ll see as you see a trend of questions you miss maybe you see well I missed a lot of pediatric questions wow!! I missed a lot of form of pharmacology questions that means now you practice exceptions you need a study so there are areas you need to focus on or concentrate on that’s when you kind of feel in those gaps so you restudy that material and then practice questions on that material and see how well you do. you can also use other resources like YouTube to one of our favorite channels out there is simple nursing.

alternately. we have chosen the best NCLEX books for you to chose here is the list of books you can purchase on amazon


relax before the exam if you’ve been practicing study questions we’ve done a lot of them you know you’re doing well because you acing the study questions that’s great now you just need to focus on distressing because you never want to walk into the NCLEX stress

now it is a really stressful environment you may have some level of stress you do not want to cram and stress yourself out two or three days before the exam so really take this few days and use it to yourself. If you like yoga go do yoga if you like camping on a nice hiking and camping trip.  Or if you like to just binge watch Netflix in the ice cream do that two and three days before the exam all knowledge is in your head so take few days for yourself to really try to de-stress guys have this you got this you are done most of the hard work already this is just the final leg of your race is passing the NCLEX so you could finally get a job and care for patients as a registered nurse.

So get it to practice questions and then relax before the exam and stay focused do not celebrate too much after you graduate nursing school okay you got it to pass the NCLEX and do let us know how you find these 4 tips for passing NCLEX article by contacting us.

So after NCLEX, you will need to register your self in order to work in the USA check our article on how to become a nurse in the USA for detailed information…

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