UK Lifted Travel Ban on Indian Nurses

UK Lifted Travel Ban restrictions on recruiting nurses and other health care workers from India with immediate effect.

As you might be aware UK government has suspended NHS recruitment from India on 30th April 2021 due to the growing concerns over the covid crisis in India. As per the latest update from the government, the pause has been lifted. All nurses who have a valid visa to the UK would be able to arrive in the next couple of weeks.

Back at the conclusion of April 2021, The British Health Ministry had suggested temporarily stopped the recruitment of nurses from India considering the intense spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in India.

The UK’s decision was in force until further orders could be issued while the COVID-19 situation improves in India along with the directives in this regard have been hauled by NHS England to various trusts and recruitment agencies.

On the other hand, the UK’s move has delayed the departure of several Indian nurses who had finished their recruitment processes, to Britain. Even though they had to wait for the pandemic to be brought under some management in India to fly into the UK, these nurses may retain their job offers since the NHS England has asked that the trusts and recruiting agencies to maintain contact with all the nurses and give them the necessary instructions and help.

Nurses Can Travel to the UK from 12th June 2021

We have happy news for you, UK Lifted Travel Ban of recruiting nurses to the NHS now the recruitment process is on the smooth way and lots of recruitments are going to be started next week and the COS is those who are waiting for cos and that is going to be done within a few weeks’ time then the bees are processing and if you have already the visa you can just book your flight and go to the UK.

There’s no ban at the moment now the ban is lifted and you can start preparing and prepare hard and pass OET or IELTS and your NMC CBT. it’s a wonderful opportunity at the moment there are lots of opportunities for Nurses to work and live in the UK.

However, Nurse who are going to travel soon still has to be quarantined when they arrive into England from India. As countries rated red and amber for COVID-19. rules are must follow to enter the UK. Know more about guidance by clicking this link

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